past events 2016 (Jan-Jun) - Norberto Oldrini - composer

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past events 2016 (Jan-Jun)




June, 4


New Music on the Bayou & Northeast Louisiana Arts present
the "New Music on the Bayou Summer Festival 2017"
Final Concert
Dixie Theater (Dixie Center for the Arts)
212 North Vienna, Ruston, Louisiana (U.S.A.) - 7.30 PM

Flat Earth Man Ape (2015)
Sandra Lunte, flute
Paul Christopher, cello
Richard Seiler, piano


Zhaoyu Zhang - Nothing is Lost, for electronics
Sarah Wald - Pas de Quatre, for 4 percussion players
David Davies - Songs of Supplication, for soprano, vibraphone, piano
Peter Dayton - Sonata for Violoncello and Piano

David Cortello - Adagio-Scherzo, video and music for 5 players and conductor
Mel Mobley - Covering, for guitar, horn, piano and percussion
Norberto Oldrini - Flat Earth Man Ape, for flute, cello and piano


June, 3


Vox Novus presents
Fifteen-Minutes-Of-Fame: Kenyon Wilson, tuba and Marcy J. Wilson, violin
2016 International Tuba & Euphonium Association Conference
Powell Recital Hall, University of Tennessee

Knoxville 37996, Tennessee (U.S.A.) - 11:30 am


Lullab (2015) - world premiere
Kenyon Wilson, tuba
Marcy J. Wilson, violin


Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Kenyon Wilson, tuba and Marcy J. Wilson, violin
Music by Joe L. Alexander, Rodrigo Baggio, Sy Brandon, Inna Buganina, Jean-Charles Gooden, Ken Metz, David A. Miller, Tomás Olano,
Norberto Oldrini, David Peoples, Scott Rodeheaver, Juan María Solare, Blair Whittington, David Wolfson, Rain Worthington


May, 14


Emotions Physical Theatre present
"Thought Provoked" Showcase
Harlem Repertory Theatre - Taino Towers Cultural Building
240 E 123rd Str., Manhattan, New York (NY, U.S.A.) - 7.30 p.m.

Sleeptalking f(r)iend -part 1- (2016)
    Flat Earth Man Ape (2015)
Fanket (1999-2014)
    Giro di danza

Natalie Johnson Dance

choreography by Natalie Johnson
dancers: Natalie Johnson, Anna Hulse,
Justine Lee, Emily Wolfe, Emily Bungert


Choreographies by
Kevin Ortega-Rojas
Michael Bishop
Erin Dillon
Shawn Rawls
Natalie Johnson - Sleeptalking f(r)iend (2016)

   (with Flat Earth Man Ape

           Giro di danza)


April, 29


Natalie Johnson Dance and Simantikos Dance Chicago present
Mixher (a Split-Bill Show)
Green Space
37-24 24th Str., Long Island City, New York (U.S.A.) - 7.30 pm

- generative grammar (2014)
    with Depistango (2002)

- Sleeptalking f(r)iend -part 1- (2016) -
world premiere
    Flat Earth Man Ape (2015)
Fanket (1999-2014)
Minutango (2004)
Giro di danza (2008)

Natalie Johnson Dance

choreography by Natalie Johnson,
dancers: Natalie Johnson, Anna Hulse,
              Justine Lee, Emily Wolfe, Emily Bungert


Simantikos Dance
Smile! - by Haley McElwee
We Were All Humans - by Haley McElwee

Ignite! - by Ashley Deran
Natalie Johnson Dance

generative grammar (2014) (with Depistango)
     - by Natalie Johnson
AGEN (excerpts) - by Natalie Johnson
Sleeptalking f(r)iend
by Natalie Johnson - world premiere
    (with Flat Earth Man Ape
           Giro di danza)


April, 23


Brandenburgischer Verein Neue Musik e.V. presents

"Brandenburg_Der moderne Klang"

Fabrik - Schiffbauergasse 10
14467 Potsdam (Germany) - 4:00 pm

Nyky Trio
Andrea Biagini, flute
Michele Bianchini, soprano sax
Simone Nocchi, piano

Zeitnot (2016) - world premiere
Commissioned by Nyky Trio


Andrea Cavallari - Ritratti II, for trio

Norberto Oldrini - Zeitnot, for flute and soprano sax (World Premiere)
Taymur Streng - Klavierst
ück, for piano
Helmut Zapf - [titolo da definire], for sax and piano
Johannes K. Hildebrandt - In tre III, for trio (World Premiere)
Fabrizio De Rossi Re - Direful Monster, for flute
Antonio Bellandi - P-neuma, for sax (World Premiere)
Theocharis Papatrechas - [d]ifferance I: aporetics for trio
Giorgio Colombo Taccani - Il racconto dell'assalto, for trio
(World Premiere)

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